Chianti and Surroundings

Who doesn’t know the Chianti region, even perhaps merely from tasting the splendid red wine of this area? The Chianti region stretches from Pistoia to the north, over the hills to nearby Florence, to Siena…MORE

Etruscan Coast

Facing the Isle of Elba, the shoreline of the Val di Cornia strikes wonder in any visitor merely by the colours of the landscapes: from the azure of the sea and sky to the luscious…MORE


The Tuscan Maremma

Rolling green hills an, infinity of fine sandy beaches, azure sea, medieval villages, archaeological sites: this is the wildest and most rural part of Tuscany…MORE


Lucca e Pisa

In Toscana sono numerose le città d’arte da visitare, oltre a Firenze, capoluogo di arte e cultura, vi consigliamo anche Pisa, Lucca… CONTINUA

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