Etruscan Coast

Etruscan Coast and the Val di Cornia

Facing the Isle of Elba, the shoreline of the Val di Cornia strikes wonder in any visitor merely by the colours of the landscapes: from the azure of the sea and sky to the luscious green of the spring countryside, mellowing into gold in full summer, and the russet of autumn, before for the tawny brown of ploughed earth in the mild winter. The natural resources and care of the land offer also diverse and unforgettable cultural experiences: – Natural parks appreciating the environmental value of the sea, forest and Mediterranean scrub – Archaeological parks inviting discovery of the prehistoric and the Etruscan civilization – Medieval villages, where alleys and stones of thousand years past are inhabited still today – Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro, extraordinary archives of the mining history of the area – Wine cellars, among the serried vines of the hills, open to the public for wine tasting.

The Seaside

The coasts of Tuscany are varied and full of long beaches of fine sand or rocks of differing shapes and tones. The sea of the Maremma is undoubtedly the cleanest along the Tuscany coast, owing to a predominance of natural reserves and the slow development of tourism. Even from inland areas, on day trips, some of the more stunning beaches can be reached: Baratti, Rimigliano, Marina di Castagneto, Torre Mozza. The beaches, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, are often reached up through short paths through the ancient pinewoods, and it is not uncommon to find, besides crystal clear waters, isolation and quiet even in the summer months. Some areas of coast features do however come with fully equipped bathing establishments. LE TERME DI VENTURINA Already known in Etruscan and known by the Romans as “Aquae Populoniae” spas offer water at 36 ° sulfur-based, alkali and earth. The source feeds the establishment of “Bagni di Caldana”, well equipped for therapeutic treatments and the lake “Calidario.” LE TERME DI SATURNIA Well known since Etruscans times, recognized by the ancients as a source of therapeutic and miraculous virtues. Besides the elegant buildings of the Terme di Saturnia, are the renowned “cascatelle”, a natural waterfall outside the village, where bathing takes place even in winter owing to the constant water temperature of 37°C. The sulphurous waters are therapeutic for the skin, the respiratory apparatus, muscles and bones.

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