The Tuscan Maremma

Wilde Nature

Rolling green hills an, infinity of fine sandy beaches, azure sea, medieval villages, archaeological sites: this is the wildest and most rural part of Tuscany. Areas of historical and archaeological interest are easily reached on walks through its luscious vegetation. The Maremma Natural Park, which runs along the southern coast, is only one of the 13 Natural Reserves of the Province of Grosseto, managing to combine tourism with the utmost respect for the environment and history of the area. The same respect is found again in the upkeep of popular traditions together with the attention to quality of the traditional cooking. The Maremma cuisine, quality guaranteed D.O.C. wines, extra virgin oils, the ‘acquacotta’ soup, pappardelle pasta in game sauce, filled tortelli, all of these delight and surprise by the genuineness of ingredients and integrity of the recipes.

The Seaside in the Tuscan Maremma

The coasts of Tuscany are varied and full of long beaches of fine sand or rocks with differing shapes and tones. The sea of the Maremma is undoubtedly the cleanest along the Tuscany coast, owing to a predominance of natural reserves and the slow development of tourism. Even from inland areas, on day trips, some of the more stunning beaches can be reached: Baratti, Rimigliano, Marina di Castagneto, Torre Mozza. The beaches, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, are often reached through short paths through the ancient pinewoods, and it is not uncommon to find, besides crystal clear waters, isolation and quiet even in the summer months. Some areas of coast do however feature fully equipped bathing establishments.

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